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 Eric Steen Seijo was born in 1965 and raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico. He studied fine art and business at the University of Louisiana in Lafayette. His works are predominantly in the medium of painting and drawing using acrylic and other mixed mediums. He is influenced by the things he loves like the island, surfing, music, people and nature. 
In 1999 Eric moved from San Juan to Rincon, PR. were he meets his beautiful and equally talented wife Valerie Evans. In 2001 together they opened Playa Oeste Gallery & Gift Shop an exclusive art gallery that focuses on fine tropical surf art and local handmade gifts. 
​Commission art and prints available upon request.
Da Base Man SOLD 10"x10"
Blue Bamboo SOLD 12"x24"
Busking SOLD 
Fish N Guit $250. 10"x10"
Original on canvas
Dreadnought $500. Framed
12"x24" original on canvas SOLD
Cutaway SOLD Framed
12"x24" original on canvas
Buskin Blues SOLD
10"x10" original on canvas
Legend Surf $500. Framed
12"x24" original on canvas
Maria Guitar Hope for PR Sold.
Original on canvas
ARF Sato Buddy SOLD Auction
12"x12" Original on canvas
Telecaster $400. 12"x24"
Original on canvas
1, and, 2 Cutaways $650. 3'x4'
Original on canvas
Trio SOLD 12"x12"
Original on canvas
Cutaways SOLD 3'x4'
Original on canvas
Untitled SOLD 12"x12'
Original on canvas
Hanging Original Watercolor
Prints Available
Los Pleneros SOLD 12"x12"
Original on canvas
Untitled SOLD 12"x12" 
Original on canvas
A School of Fish original on canvas Size 18" x 24" Price $350.
Original funky flowers acrylic on canvas Size 7" x 14" Price $150.
Original Funky Wild Flowers acrylic on canvas Size 12" x 24" Price $300.
"Cruising Road to Happiness" SOLD
"Mi Flamboyan" original on 20"x30" canvas $500.
           Art prints may be available upon request. 
  Artist reserves all rights to all images, art copyright.