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Playa Oeste has the finest and best surf & tropical artist a gallery could ever have. Over the years we have met with our artist and have developed into great friendships. Many of our artist come from Rincon and other parts of the island, as well as the USA. They are inspired by the tropical & surf environment Puerto Rico has to offer. As well when they come  visit us here. The results are beautiful and unique pieces of art that end up in our gallery walls for you to enjoy and take home. View the list of Playa Oeste Gallery featured exclusive artist and see their incredible works of art. Find the piece of art that's right for you.
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Wade Koniakosky
Mike "Nemo" Nemnich, Showing how it's done.Wade Koniakosky, work in progress.Wade Koniakowsky, working the crowd.John Severson,  At home studio.John Severson at work.
Gallery Wall with some of Norm Daniels, John Severson, & Heather Brown Art Works.Gallery Wall with some of Betsy Harrison's Batik work.Gallery Wall with some of Rick Piper & Jay Alders work.Gallery Wall with some Mike "Nemo" Nemnich workGallery Wall with some of Wade Koniakowsky's work
The Artist at work.
Gallery Walls.